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Welcome to my Blog for GTU MCA Students. If you like post, write your comments. Blog Written by Mr. Adarsh Suryakant Patel, Assistant Professor, Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology - MCA Department Affiliated to Gujarat Technological University (GTU)

Learn Android Tutorials

Want to Learn Android here is video tutorials @ Click here to view android learning video


Android TextView TextColor Change Programmically Example

Want to change TextColor of Android TextView Programmatically check out complete example on Link

Learn Android Programming

Hello Friends,


Do you want to learn Android Programming ?

Start Learning of Android programming from the scratch by Adarsh Patel. Check Hello World Android Example.


Regarding Student Startup Support System by GTU

Dear Students,

GTU has started Student Startup Support System (S4) for all passout students. If any of the students are having any idea regarding project or startup of business and want to take any kind of help from the GTU you can enroll your name for the program and GTU will provide you all the related help free of cost including accommodation and many more. Kindly find the attached file for more detailed information. If you are interested then Fillup the online form (Link available on cicrular) and also send copy of information to my email address and CC to Dr.Varang Acharya.

I hope maximum number of student take part into Student Startup Support System.

For any query you can contact me on my mobile.

Wish you all the Best..

Adarsh Patel

GTU Result Summary Generator

Hello Friends,

Want to analyse the GTU Result in Details. Here is the small software avaialble for you all. All you need to do is copy all result into Excel file as per the format and Press Ctrl + M to generate complete summary of the result.

Download GTU Result Analysis Generator Software

Java Basic Objective Questions : Java MCQ

1 Who invented Java?

A.    Mozilla
B.    Microsoft
C.    Sun
D.    None of the above is correct.

2 Which of the following is server side programming languages?


3 What JSP stand for

1.Java Server Pages
2.Java Server Programming
3.Java Service Programming
4.Java Service Programming

4 JSP is basically used for :

1.To make controller
2.To make GUI
3.In writing business logic
4.None of the Above

5 Which of the following is legal JSP syntax to print the value

A     <%int i = 1;%>
    <%= i; %>

B    <%int i = 1;
    i; %>
C    <%int i = 1%>
    <%= i %>
D    <%int i = 1;%>
    <%= i %>

6 A JSP page called test.jsp is passed a parameter name in the URL using http://localhost/test.jsp?name=”Adarsh&#8221;. The test.jsp contains the following code.

<%! String myName=request.getParameter();%>
<% String test= “welcome” + myName; %>
<%= test%>

A    The program prints “Welcome Adarsh”
B    The program gives a syntax error because of the statement
    <%! String myName=request.getParameter();%>
C    The program gives a syntax error because of the statement
    <% String test= “welcome” + myName; %>
D    The program gives a syntax error because of the statement
    <%= test%>

7 What gets printed when the following JSP code is invoked in a browser. Select the one correct answer.

<%= if(Math.random() < 0.5) %>
<%= } else { %>
<%= } %>

A    The browser will print either hello or hi based upon the return value of random.
B    The string hello will always get printed.
C    The string hi will always get printed.
D    The JSP file will not compile.

8 What gets printed when the following is compiled. Select the one correct answer.
<% int y = 0; %>
<% int z = 0; %>

<% for(int x=0;x<3;x++) { %>
<% z++;++y;%>
<% }%>

<% if(z<y) {%>
<%= z%>
<% } else {%>
<%= z – 1%>
<% }%>

A    1
B    2
C    3
D    The program generates compilation error.

9 Which of the following JSP variables are not available within a JSP expression. Select the one correct answer.

A    out
B    session
C    request
D    httpsession

10 JSP pages have access to implicit objects that are exposed automatically. One such object that is available is request. The request object is an instance of which class?

A    HttpRequest
B    ServletRequest
C    Request
D    HttpServletRequest

640002 : WTAD : Java Servlet : HTML : Objective Questions : MCQ

1. Servlet can create ______ type of document.
    a) Word                                  b) Database
    c) Excel spreadsheet           d) PowerPoint

2. _____ method checks the HTTP request type
    a) doGet        b) doPost
    c) service        d) doTrace

3.Use ____ servlet element to give name to your servlet
    a) Web.xml            b) genric servlet
    c ) httpServlet            d) None of the above

4.______ method decide to remove previously loaded server
    a) delete             b) remove
    c) destroy            d) garbage collection

5.The browser creates _____ array in memory per HTML object in the document.
    a)    Not even a single        b)one
    b)    Dynamic              d)None of the above

6._______ object is used to access information about the browser that is executing the current script.
    a) Navigator        b) Window
    c) Form            d) document

7.if the document does not have any links described in it , the link object does not exist
    a) True            b) false
    c) Not defined        d) Existence depend upon browser

8.______ is the only property of the string object.
    a) bold            b) italics
    c) length        d) substring

9.The _____ operator calculates the remainder by dividing two integers
    a) $            b)^
    c) /            d)%

10.JavaScript is not an interpreted language
    a)True             b)false

640002 : WTAD : Java Beans and MVC Quiz MCQ : Objective Question

1 ____________are great when your application requires a lot of real programming to accomplish its task.

None of the Above

2 MVC Stands for _____________

Mobile View Control
Model Vast control
Model View Controller
None of the Above

3 The most important point about MVC is the idea of separating the business logic and data access layers from the presentation layer.


4 To Extract the data from the beans which property is used.

All of the Above

5 Which method/class is used to Forward the request to a JSP page.

None of the Above

6 Where to save your .java and .class file of Beans.

Inside WEB-INF Directory
Inside Website Root Directory
Inside Lib Directory
Inside package Directory

7 you are using session-based data sharing,Which method is preferable to use to  transfer control from the servlet to the JSP page


8 If are the website developer and want to display counter on home page regarding Number of Live user which scope will you use for Beans ?


9 If you would like to store user type(like admin or user) in the beans object which kind of sharing is used ?


10 Persistent values should be accessed through methods called _____________________

getvalue and setvalue
getXX and setXX.
Both of the Above
None of the Above

Programming Challenge # 02

Dear Friends,

After a very good response of Programming Challenge # 01. Here I am came up with Next Challenge. Here the question is also realted with Excel. As Excel is very powerful tool to do most of the administrative task. You should also know the functionality of the Excel. Lets Discuss the Question.

Questions : My question is the I will provide number of results in Excel Format (As per Figure 1) You need to read all the records and need to copy this data into another format. (as per Figure 2) (Alternatively you can download Excel file Link after Figure. – Check out Sheet 1 and Sheet 2)

Language : You can use any language, But output should be either in Excel or .CSV format.

Figure 1




Figure 2



You can find the above screen shots in softcopy also: 

Sheet 1 : Input Data

Sheet 2 : Output Data

Download Sample Excel File


Winner List 






(Winners List will be added into credit of the developed programs.)